Chinese electronics giant Oppo has certainly managed to build a name for itself in the global tech landscape, with an array of Android phones and accessories that offer great specs and alternatives, as opposed to the major players in the industry like Samsung, Apple, and more.

With that being said, the company’s Oppo Enco X2s are an impressive pair of wireless earbuds, and they introduce some great features as well as a rather familiar-looking design. Today we’re going to take a look at them and see what they have to offer.

Unboxing and Design

The earbuds come in some fancy-looking silver packaging and are packaged with other accessories like extra eartips, USB-C charging cable, and some additional paperwork. It’s a pretty complete package, with everything you need to get started

The Oppo Enco X2s definitely look a lot like a certain other earbud product out there, especially with the glossy all-white finish and black accents. They have a short stem with support for squeeze controls, which is a clever way of approaching touch-based controls for wireless earbuds. They also come with IP54 dust and water resistance, which should come in handy for unexpected rain or splashes.

The charging case also comes with the same finish, and features and LED light and pairing button.

Set-Up and Usage

oppo enco x2 review

Setting up the earbuds is pretty simple, as all I had to do was open the charging case, make sure my Bluetooth connection was turned on, and the earbuds showed up instantly on my phone’s display. In terms of internal hardware, the earbuds come with 11mm dynamic drivers and 6mm planar diaphragm drivers, with support for codecs like LHDC, AAC, and SBC codecs. 

So far, the Enco X2s sound great, with a nicely-rounded quality to them. There’s a decent amount of bass, which isn’t drowned out by unbalanced highs and mids (unlock on other wireless earbuds). Of course, there’s ANC on board, which does a great job of keeping out unwanted sounds. There’s also a transparency mode in case you want to mix things up.

You can also download the “Hey Melody” app for your phone, which will allow you to modify the controls on the earbuds, as well as the sound modes for the X2s.

The earbuds also come with built-in microphones, which Oppo says are designed to isolate your voice during phone calls thanks in part to the bone-conduction sensors for improved voice pick-up. They do work decently, and you’ll be able to use them for voice calls without any problems, provided that your environment isn’t too loud or such.

oppo enco x2 review

In terms of battery life, the earbuds can last you around 5 hours with ANC turned on, and you can bring this up to 6.5 hours if you disable ANC. Using the charging case, you can top up the earbuds for a total of up to 27 hours with combined charges. It takes around an hour to fully charge the buds within the case, and a full charge for the case takes around an hour and a half.

Final Thoughts

So are the Oppo Enco X2 earbuds worth getting? For a price of around 150 pounds, you get solid sound quality, great noise-cancelling features, decent battery life, and a bit of water resistance. One caveat is the design, although this is mostly a subjective matter for a lot of folks.

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