Meet the Rokit Eye Q Smartglasses!

The influx of developments in wireless Bluetooth audio has given countless brands and manufacturers the opportunity to capitalize on wireless audio tech, giving consumers a wide range of different products, such as speakers, headphones, earbuds, and the most recent addition – smart glasses.

With that said, we managed to get our hands on the Rokit EYE Q smart glasses, which come with a nice array of features designed to give a unique music-listening experience. They’re an affordable pair of smart glasses, and we’ll check out some of the features of this product.

Let’s get started!

Unboxing, Design

Rokit Eye Q Smartglasses

The EYE Q glasses come in a very minimalist package, with a box that lists some of the specs of the glasses. Upon unboxing the package, you get the glasses which come in a nice-looking leather case, the glasses themselves, a cleaning cloth, a USB pin charger, as well as some additional paperwork.

In terms of design, the glasses feature a transparent polycarbonate design, similar to a lot of other sunglasses out there (and even some smartphones). The temples are a bit wide though since that’s where all the hardware is stored, but it does a good job of incorporating the internal hardware into an overall eye-friendly design and style. They also come in a variety of different colors and designs, which you can choose from on Rokit’s website.

Since the temples hold all the tech inside the glasses, this is where you’ll find the built-in microphones, speaker, charging pins, and button input. In terms of weight, the glasses are obviously slightly heavier than a regular pair of sunglasses, but not to the point where they put a strain on your ears and nose. They did fit comfortably during our usage.

Features, Usage

The glasses work as any other Bluetooth device, with a pairing button that will let you sync them to your smart device. Once paired, you can use them for phone calls, media streaming, and such. Of course, there will be an expected difference in sound quality compared to more traditional audio devices like in-ear wireless earbuds for example, but given the design of the EYE Q glasses, they do manage to sound good during music sessions and calls.

Rokit Eye Q Smartglasses

You can also customize the sound output on the glasses, by assigning only the left or right speaker to play, or simultaneously as with most headphones.

In terms of battery life, you can expect up to five hours of usage with the Rokit EYE Q smart glasses, which make them ideal for commutes or hanging out at the beach, for example.

Final Thoughts

For a price of less than £100, the Rokit EYE Q smart glasses offer a new and unique approach to music listening, as well as a handy way to answer phone calls and other hands-free audio activities. They are nicely designed, comfortable, and don’t cost much.

Given that they are on the more affordable side of things though, the plastic build might not be to everyone’s taste, in which case you might want to check out Rokit’s other smart glasses on offer.

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