Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2024: A Legacy Flagship Worth Revisiting?

s20 ultra in 2024


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Holding Up in 2024?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was a beast when it launched in 2020. But in the ever-evolving smartphone world, is it still a contender in 2024? Let’s dive into its specs, performance, and overall worthiness in today’s market.

The S20 Ultra’s Standout Features

  • Camera Legacy: The S20 Ultra boasted a 108MP camera and insane zoom capabilities. These features, while slightly outclassed, still hold up remarkably well.
  • Display Brilliance: Samsung’s displays rarely disappoint. The S20 Ultra’s sizable, high-refresh-rate screen remains a joy for media and gaming.
  • Power Under the Hood: The Snapdragon 865 (or Exynos 990, depending on region) may not be the latest, but it’s still plenty capable for everyday tasks and most apps.

Where It Shows its Age

  • Software Support: The S20 Ultra likely won’t see any major Android updates beyond Android 13. This could mean missing out on new features and potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Battery Concerns: Battery capacity and health degrade over time. The S20 Ultra’s battery might not keep pace with all-day demands of heavy users in 2024.
  • Performance Lag: While capable, newer phones will likely feel snappier and handle intensive apps with greater ease.

s20 ultra in 2024

2024 Value: The Price Factor

The S20 Ultra’s biggest strength in 2024 is its potential price drop. If you find a heavily discounted, refurbished, or used model, it becomes a compelling budget-friendly alternative with a taste of past flagship power.

Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Consider It

  • It’s For: Bargain hunters who favour a great camera and display, and aren’t fussed about the latest software or cutting-edge performance.
  • Skip It If: You want guaranteed long-term software updates, the absolute fastest performance, or prioritize all-day battery life with no compromises.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is no longer the top dog it once was, but that doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant. As a budget-conscious option, it delivers a solid smartphone experience with a few standout features. If you’re not a power user or software snob, the S20 Ultra in 2024 might just be a pleasant surprise – provided you find it at the right price.


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