Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Still a Powerhouse in 2024

s21 ultra in 2024

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: A 2021 Flagship in the Modern Era

The smartphone world moves fast, yet Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra left a lasting impression when it launched in 2021. But with 2024 upon us, is this aging flagship still a good buy? Let’s examine its strengths, weaknesses, and whether it deserves your attention against newer (and cheaper) rivals.

S21 Ultra’s Strengths: What Still Shines

  • Camera Power: The S21 Ultra’s camera system was top-notch for its time. While newer phones might edge it out, it still takes great photos and videos, especially with its impressive zoom capabilities.
  • Display Excellence: Samsung’s AMOLED displays remain class-leading. The S21 Ultra’s screen is still bright, vibrant, and perfect for media consumption.
  • S Pen Support: Early S Pen integration was a big perk, and it remains a unique advantage if you’re into digital note-taking and sketching.

s21 ultra in 2024

Where Time Has Taken Its Toll

  • Performance: The Snapdragon 888 (or Exynos 2100 depending on region) was powerful, but it’ll feel less snappy compared to modern chips in daily use.
  • Software Updates: Samsung has slowed down its update support. The S21 Ultra likely won’t receive major Android upgrades beyond 2024. Although Samsung has guaranteed “Android 15” will be coming to the “S21 series too
  • Battery Life: Battery health degrades over time. While once impressive, the S21 Ultra’s battery might now struggle to last a full day for heavy users

The Value Proposition in 2024

The biggest factor in the S21 Ultra’s 2024 appeal is price. If you can find a great deal on a refurbished or used model, the strengths mentioned above could make it a compelling budget flagship alternative.

Who is the S21 Ultra for (and who should skip it)?

  • Perfect For: Bargain hunters who want flagship-like features without the top-tier price tag, and those who prioritize camera and display quality.
  • Skip If: You need the latest software updates, the absolute fastest performance, or prioritize long-term battery endurance.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra isn’t the cutting-edge powerhouse it once was. But, it remains a very capable smartphone. If you value camera prowess, a fantastic display, and don’t mind the older processor, it’s a surprisingly good option in 2024 – provided the price is right.


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