Is the Switch OLED the Best Switch for You?

A while back, we went over some reasons as to why you should get the Nintendo Switch in 2022, and we even covered the smaller Switch Lite. However, if you’re after the most top-of-the-line hardware version that Nintendo has to offer, then the Switch OLED is the best choice right now.

Launched back in 2021, the Switch OLED offers some minor albeit nice hardware upgrades over the regular Switch. It might not be the “Switch Pro” that was the subject of much speculation, but nevertheless, we think it might be worth checking out. Let’s take a look.

Improved Display

Nintendo’s newest handheld-hybrid comes with a much nicer-looking OLED display (hence the name), which is wider at 7 inches (versus the older Switch’s 6.2-inch screen, and features better contrast, deeper blacks and overall more vibrant colours. Compared to the displays on the base model Switch and Switch Lite, the OLED panel makes colours pop more.

One disadvantage however is that the resolution stays at 720p, which is pretty low when compared to most modern smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, the appeal of the Switch has always been the quality of its games rather than a high-end display resolution, but this remains a point to take into consideration.

Added Storage and Design

While not much, the Switch OLED comes with 64GB of internal storage, which is twice the storage found in the more affordable Switch variants. There is of course a microSD card slot available for storage expansion if you prefer to download your games directly to the console, but the onboard 64GB of storage is a nicely added bonus.

The Switch OLED also features a few new design improvements. For one, the kickstand at the back has now been modified to have a wider design, similar to what we see in Microsoft’s Surface tablets. The vent at the top has also been redesigned to feature a slightly more sturdy design, compared to the fragile-looking vents on the Switch and Switch V2.

The OLED’s tablet compartment also features a bit of metal integrated into the body, which makes it feel a lot sturdier, and will most likely prevent the curving issues present on earlier plastic models of the console. Thankfully though it doesn’t add a lot of bulk and weight, and handling the newer Switch feels a lot like the older variants in terms of size and weight. I was also able to re-use my old Switch’s carrying case as the OLED model also fit in there.

New Ethernet Port

Last but no the least on this quick list is the added ethernet port. The Switch OLED’s dock integrates a built-in ethernet port which makes internet connection a lot more convenient and faster. If you’re looking for a game system that can connect to the net both wirelessly and via cable, then the Switch OLED features both options for you.

So Should You Get It?

If you’re a first-time Nintendo Switch buyer and are after the absolute best that Nintendo can offer at the moment, then the Switch OLED is a great choice. The good-looking screen, sturdy design, added storage and ethernet connectivity are great features that make it a well-rounded gaming system.

If you’re after something a bit more affordable though, then the base model Switch is also a great option, but you do lose out on certain hardware features. But for gamers looking to get the best from Nintendo, then the Switch OLED is definitely something to look into.

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