IMILAB W01 Smartwatch: Unboxing and Features!

IMILAB W01 smartwatch

Today we finally got our hands on the IMILAB Smart Watch W01, which is an affordable wearable device that retails for between 30 to 40 pounds here in the UK. This is a very low price and puts it against other affordable fitness wearables like Xiaomi’s Mi band series.

Today, we’re going to do a quick unboxing of the product and see what kind of features it has to offer. This was sent over to us here at Geeky Stuff, and we just want to show you what to expect if you ever decide to purchase this smartwatch. Let’s get started.

Packaging and Design

Now, the W01 comes in very simple packaging. You get this rather compact box, which just lists of all of the specs of the device, and some of its built-in features. Of course, you also get a product render of the W01 in front, which does resemble another smartwatch out there.

As you can see, the box contains the watch itself, although you get additional accessories inside like the charging cable, as well as an instruction manual.

In terms of design, the watch does look a bit like the Apple Watch, especially with the rounded rectangle design. The watch comes with a 1.69-inch HD display, as well as a completely plastic body. On the right-hand side is a single action button, while underneath the watch you’ll find your sensors and such.

Comparing it to other wearable devices, it is larger than the Fitbit Versa Lite, which has a slightly smaller display, although it is obviously smaller than devices like the OnePlus Watch, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which come with larger displays and metal designs.

IMILAB W01 smartwatch

It is very light though thanks to the plastic build, although the silicone strap does feel a bit too thin. But in general it fits nicely on my wrist.

Unlike actual smartwatches out there, the W01 is not waterproof. The packaging indicates that it is only splash-proof, so unlike other wearables you won’t be able to take it swimming or submerge it in water.

Interface and Features

In terms of features, the W01 comes packed with several fitness and health-tracking functions. This includes more than 70 sports modes, SPO2 monitoring, 24-hour Bio tracker, 24-hour heart-rate monitoring, and more. it does not run on Wear OS however, unlike Mobvoi’s Ticwatch wearables and the upcoming Google Pixel Watch series. Instead, it comes with its own proprietary software.

Like a lot of other wearables out there, the W01 has a touch-based interface. On the main screen, you’ll find the default watch face which displays the time. Swiping from the top will bring down a quick settings menu while swiping from the left brings up a list of built-in apps and functions. Meanwhile, swiping from the right will show your stats, and swiping from the bottom will bring up your notifications.

Set-up and Syncing

Syncing the watch took a bit of time for me. The instruction manual came with a QR code to download the proprietary “Glory Fit” App, but unfortunately, once I scanned the QR code I was unable to find an English version of the app from the list.

Thankfully though, I was able to find the same app on the Google Playstore, which was a much simpler method. After installing the app, I was taken through the usual series of questions about my height, weight, date of birth, and such.

The Glory Fit app allows you to customize the W01, including several watch face selections, notification settings, and health tracking functions. It’s a pretty straightforward affair and most users who have used a smartwatch before should have no problem navigating the app.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, IMILAB says that the W01’s battery will be able to last for up to 15 days worth of charge, which puts it along the lines of products like the OnePlus Watch and Huawei Watch GT 2. It’s a nice addition for sure, and it sure beats charging your watch every night.

One complaint I do have is that the charging cable is rather short and it can take a bit of time to recharge the watch. Other than that, the two-week battery is a sweet deal.

Final Thoughts

For a price of less than 50 quid, the IMILAB W01 is a very affordable wearable device. If you’re after a fitness band that looks more like a smartwatch, with a larger display, and impressive battery life, then this watch is definitely a budget-friendly option to look into.

On the other hand, the somewhat clunky interface, as well as the plastic build might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and should be taken into consideration as well.

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