5 Reasons to Get the Xiaomi Band 7!

Fitness trackers are everywhere these days – they’ve become very accessible thanks to a plethora of different brands and tech manufacturers each coming up with their own take on what a health tracker should be. It’s no surprise then that tech giant Xiaomi wants in on all the fitness tracking action, as seen with their yearly launch of various wearables.

With that in mind, the company’s Mi Band series of wearables has made its mark on the landscape, offering affordable alternatives which come with a lot of the same features and functionality as seen on more expensive products from competing brands like Fitbit and Garmin, for example.

Recently Xiaomi has announced that its latest Mi Band 7 is set to launch initially in China on 31st May, and for this one, we thought that we’d give you a quick rundown of what to expect from the company’s upcoming wearable in terms of specs, features, and design. Let’s take a quick look! 

Design and Display

The Mi Band 7 comes equipped with a 1.62-inch AMOLED screen, which has always-on functionality. The new display is also larger than the one on the Mi Band 6, which is definitely a welcome improvement. In comparison, the screen on the Mi Band 6 only measured 1.56 inches, which means there’s around a 25 percent increase in display size.

However, when it comes to design, the Mi Band 7 shares the same overall look as its predecessor, featuring a silicone band that wraps around the display and goes around your entire wrist. The tracker comes in six different colour variants and will feature interchangeable bands. The Mi Band 7 also comes with 5ATM certification, meaning that it will be safe if you ever want to take it along to swimming pools and such.

Battery Life

According to Xiaomi, the 180 mah battery inside the Mi Band 7 will be able to supply the wearable with up to 14 days of use, although this will of course vary depending on your usage. Although we think that even if you don’t manage to get the advertised maximum of 14 days of battery life, a week’s worth of usage is still impressive, considering that more expensive smartwatches and fitness trackers barely get past 4-5 days of battery life.

Software and UI

Thanks to the larger display, more information can be displayed on the Mi Band 7. Although if you’re not after a very detailed readout on your screen, Xiaomi does allow you to change the watch face with more than 100 different styles and designs, which is a nicely-added bonus in terms of customization.

Health Tracking

Health tracking is obviously the biggest highlight of the Mi Band 7. In addition to the usual array of health-tracking features like heart rate monitoring, step tracking, sleep tracking, and such, the Mi Band 7 comes with some new features like sports data tracking, for example. This means that it will be able to keep tabs on your training and workouts, and will be able to give you data on your training load, oxygen intake, recovery, and more.

There are around 120 sports modes to choose from as well, and this will include activities like cycling, running, indoor workouts, and a lot more. What’s more, you can also use the Mi band 7 to continuously keep an eye on your blood oxygen thanks to the built-in SPO2 monitoring.


There are two variants of the Mi Band 7, which are the “regular” model and one with additional NFC functionality. When converted, you can get the base model for around £30, while the NFC version comes at around £35. Keep in mind that Xiaomi hasn’t formally announced the tracker for international markets though, so we still have to wait for an official global launch from the company.

Overall though, the relatively affordable price and rich set of features certainly make the Mi Band 7 a great value device, and Xiaomi fans after the company’s latest wearable offerings should definitely look forward to this one once it makes its way to international shores.

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