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The Best Massager For Neck And Back Aches

Lots of people have a need to relieve pain without resorting to strictly chemical solutions. This is particularly true when it comes to two of the most common sources of muscle pain: The neck and the back.

Whether it’s due to heavy lifting, sports, exercise, a medical condition, or just sleeping the wrong way, having a massager on hand that can soothe persistent aches is incredibly handy. And of course, you want ‘the best’.

But ‘best’ when it comes to pain relief is incredibly subjective! Not every pain is the same, nor is every body.

So we’re going to present what we believe to be the best massager for neck and back aches in three categories: All-in-one, specialist, and economy. This way people can make an educated choice about their pain relief options.

massager for neck and back massager for neck and back

Best All-In-One Massager For Neck And Back Aches

If you want a single solution that will be able to hit all the right spots, it needs to be a wand. Unless you have incredibly long arms or plan to sandwich the massager between your body and another object, you’ll want the extra length in order to easily reach the painful spots without contorting yourself too much.

The legendary, classic tool for this job is the Hitachi Magic Wand. But it was rebranded to the Original Magic Wand in 2013 to keep their tech marketing separate from their personal massage marketing.

This mains powered massage wand is incredibly powerful, focusing all of its vibration into a round wand head that can power away your aches and pains. It is available in the U.S. as well as in the U.K.

These days the Magic Wand has a rechargeable version as well, but unless you need that feature for traveling, nothing beats the mains power version.

Of course, some people like a little heat with their massage. That’s not available with most wands. So let’s look at the more specialist massagers for neck and back pains, both of which bring the heat!

Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager

Best Specialist Massagers For Neck And Back Aches

If you don’t mind buying separate tools for the neck and back, you can get some great features that the Magic Wand doesn’t offer.

For example, the Shiatsu Massager is great for the shoulder and neck area (not so much for the back, though it will do in a pinch). It sports eight roller balls, a high intensity mode, and a penetrating heat function. That triple whammy is often enough to completely melt away neck and shoulder pain. This one also includes a car adapter, handy for people who do a lot of driving. It’s available on Amazon in the U.S. as well as in the U.K.

As far as the back is concerned, the best speciality tool for the job is the Renpho Back Massager. It’s a seat pad that can overlay a normal chair. It includes an adjustable headrest, and multiple heat and massage functions. It’s exceedingly quiet, so you can slip on your favorite pair of headphones and listen to your tunes while it goes to work on your aches and pains.

This product is awesome for a great back massage… but not for the best neck treatment, which is why getting these two products separately is ideal for those who need specialist treatment. It’s available both in the U.S. and in the U.K.

These items are on the more pricey side of course. Still more affordable than a professional masseuse to be sure, but not budget-friendly for everyone. So next we’ll talk about cheaper alternatives.

VIKTOR JURGEN Back MassageLovehoney Plug In Massage Wand

Best Economy Massager For Neck And Back Aches

If you can’t afford a high end wand, and you want a tool that can handle multiple body regions on a budget, the best economy massager for neck and back aches is the Viktor Jurgen Body Massager.

It normally sells for between one third and one half of what the Original Magic Wand costs, and it’s a fraction of the price of the Shiatsu / Renpho combo. But this little massager packs in a lot of features for something so reasonably priced.

It has a four node rolling ball setup, complete with heat functions and a velcro strap that will allow you to fasten the device to a chair if desired. So you can just kick back, use your smartphone or tablet to watch a relaxing video, and get the treatment you need. It’s quite portable as well. The Viktor Jurgen Body Massager is available in the U.S. as well as in the U.K.

As an honorable mention, let’s take a moment to talk about a budget wand option that’s almost as good as the Original magic Wand.

The Lovehoney Plug In Massage Wand is a fantastic option, and it’s deeply discounted when compared to the Original. Well made and powerful, it utilizes a simple ‘scroll wheel’ to not only turn the massager on and off, but also to control its intensity. It’s available in the U.S. and in the U.K.

Which Massager For Neck And Back Aches is Best For You?

As we’ve mentioned, which massager you pick is a deeply personal decision. However, we can give you some points to think about if you’re still undecided.

When do you start feeling pain? If you experience most of your pain away from home or on the road, portability needs to be a big factor. In that case, you should look into the smaller devices first. If you experience most of your pain at home, this is less of an issue.

Is noise going to be a factor? Some of these solutions are louder than others, with wands in particular being pretty unsubtle. If you experience a lot of your pain at night when others in the household might be sleeping, the Renpho is great because it is virtually noise free! On a budget, the Viktor Jurgen Body Massager is probably your quietest bet. Particularly when you can ‘smother’ it entirely between your body and a chair, pillow, or mattress.

Do you want the heat? Some people love heated massages. And some people with sensitive skin can’t stand intense heat. Of course, you can add a thin towel as an extra layer of heat protection if you enjoy just a little bit of warmth, but that may dull the impact of the massage heads. Just remember that the wands don’t have heated settings at all, which might be a pro or a con depending on your personal preference.

That’s it! Hopefully we’ve helped you to discover the best massager for your back and neck aches. Remember that if your pain becomes acute or persistent, self-treatment might not be enough. Consult your physician if you have any concerns or experience any side effects.