Case Review: RhinoShield SolidSuit for Google Pixel 6!    

The Google Pixel 6 is one great-looking device, but it is mostly made out of glass, which can be fragile especially if you tend to use your phone without a case, hence the need for protection. RhinoShield makes a lot of great-looking and protective cases, and their SolidSuit cases are one of their best-selling products. Their cases are the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, and they’ve certainly made a name for themselves when it comes to premium protection for your precious phones.

With all that said, we have the Carbon Fiber SolidSuit case for the Google Pixel 6 for review. Is it worth getting for your device? Let’s take a look!

Hands-on and Design

To start things off, the SolidSuit case feels great in the hand. It comes mainly in black, and RhinoShield gives you the option of customizing the back of your case on their website, and you can even change the look of the power button on the case with a selection of different colors.

According to RhinoShield, the SolidSuit case is made out of their specially-engineered Shockspread material which is designed to absorb impact in case you drop your Pixel 6. It covers the entire inside of the case so the back and sides of your Pixel are protected all throughout, and it has a hexagonal look to it. The case feels rigid – it’s not too flexible like TPU but it does have a slight bit of give to it so you can easily put it on your Pixel 6. It feels tough and solid but at the same time it isn’t too thick or bulky.

The sides of the case are stiff compared to other cases which are primarily made out of TPU. As we mentioned, the case is made from RhinoShield’s custom material.

Installation and Fit

Putting on the SolidSuit is very easy. You can easily put the Pixel on the button-side first and pop the rest of the phone into the case. Once you get the Pixel inside the SolidSuit Case, it feels very nice and secure. The case fits perfectly around the phone so there are no loose edges around the phone, and the sides have a very tight fit to them. Compared to a lot of other cases from different brands, these are some of the tightest edges I’ve seen on a case, and they are also raised to give some extra protection to the edges of your phone’s display.

The cutout at the back lets you see the entire camera window, and it is a bit recessed so that the camera doesn’t stick out much at the back which is actually great for protecting the camera window. Meanwhile, the cutouts for the mic on top, speakers and charging port are also properly aligned, with a considerable depth to them. As far as grip goes, it is a bit smooth, and the case does add a bit of width to the Pixel so keep that in mind. I’ve had no trouble handling the case though, and haven’t dropped it so far. The buttons have a nice feel to them and are particularly “clicky” as well.

One thing to note about the case is that because it grips so tightly onto your phone, it might be a bit difficult to remove, If you ever need to remove the case though, I’ve found that turning your phone face-down, and gently pulling up on one of the bottom corners lets you work your way around the edges of the case for removal.

Should You Get It?

One thing to note is that the SolidSuit case is a bit expensive compared to other Pixel 6 cases on the market. If you’re after something cheap then you might want to look somewhere else, but I think that the clean look, tough feel of the case and the overall design make it worth the price, if you’re looking for some reliable protection for your Pixel 6.

Of course, RhinoShield makes this case for a lot of over phone brands and even other Google Pixel phones which you can check out on their website. Be sure to check out our other articles here, and visit our YouTube channel for more content.