Google Assistant: which Google Nest device should I buy?        

Google Assistant has become one of the best and most prominent smart voice assistants with a wide range of Google Home-compatible devices, such as smartwatches, smartphones, smart speakers, and more. There are thousands of other smart devices and services integrated with Google Assistant.

As part of the original Google Home smart speaker, Google Assistant was launched in 2016 and can control your thermostat, lock your door, and much more. It’s better to think of it as the brain and voice. Well, there are plenty of options available, but here are the best Google Nest devices for you. Let’s get to know them!

Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is the company’s original product. The cloth-covered exterior of this small speaker makes it look right at home on a desk or shelves. It could be argued that this influenced Amazon’s smart speakers. As a result of the Nest Mini’s release, this Google Home device is now $10 cheaper than the previous most affordable model. However, the sound quality is fantastic. Further, you can use it as a timer and measurement converter in your kitchen.

Google Nest Mini

There is a new version of the Google Home Mini called the Google Nest Mini. This is the second version. As long as you pay about $50, you get a lot more for your money. It has a better sound quality for better music, an extra microphone for better voice recognition, and a cutout on the back so you can put it on a wall.

Putting the Nest Mini on the wall doesn’t seem like a big deal until you find out that you don’t need to buy an expensive mount to do it. A good device if you intend to save space on your shelf for things that actually matter.

Google Nest Wi-Fi

Initially, the Google Nest Wi-Fi was a wireless router. Then, it has a smart speaker on top of it. When you have a lot of Nest Wi-Fi devices in your home, this router makes sure your home has a strong Wi-Fi signal. These devices operate together, so you always have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Since it costs more, the Google Nest Mini has the same speaker as the Google Home. This is good for giving voice commands and listening to podcasts, but it’s not very new for music. As a smart speaker and a router, it’s great.

Google Nest Audio

When it comes to design, the Google Nest Audio smart speaker resembles a large stick of gum. It has a more conservative appearance than Google Home’s bold two-tone design introduced in 2016. When it comes to listening to your favorite music and audiobooks daily, Nest Audio outperforms both Mini options.

It’s a complete step up from the original Google Home’s audio quality. On the other hand, Nest Audio is a fraction of the price of Google’s most powerful speaker, the Google Home Max. There has never been a better Google product.

Google Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest Hub Max gives you a bigger screen and built-in video security. This makes it a good choice for video chat as well. Nest Hub Max performs effectively in living rooms and kitchens since it has a camera. If you want to save videos from this camera, you’ll need a membership to Nest Aware. As it’s not just for video conferences but also used for absolute safety.

Final Thoughts

There are many valuable operations you can perform with Google Assistant since it links you to many useful devices and services that work with Google Home. However, it can be hard to figure out which integrations for Google Assistant are worth your time and money.

In short, you can see above all our favorite Google Nest devices that can help you in so many ways and make your life much easier than you think. Well, it’s up to you to select the best one in our above list according to your choice and demands. Good Luck!