Blackview Tab 12 Unboxing and Hands-on!

Alright, so today we finally got our hands on the Blackview Tab 12, which is an affordable Android tablet that goes for around 120 quid, placing it against the likes of the Nokia T20 and some of Samsung’s entry-level Galaxy Tab models.

blackview tab 12

Now, this tablet was launched this year, and it comes with specs like a 10-inch IPS LCD with 1200×1920 pixel resolution, a Unisoc processor, 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, and a 6,580 mAh battery. As far as specs go it is most certainly a wallet-friendly device, but it does come with good hardware. What’s it like using the Blackview Tab 12? Let’s take a look.

Unboxing and Design

Unboxing the Tab 12 is a pretty straightforward process, and all you get is the tablet itself, as well as some additional accessories like a sim ejector tool, manual, USB-C cable and charger. In terms of looks, the Tab 12 does feature a fairly modern design reminiscent of other similarly-priced tablets. It does have some thick bezels around the display, which in turn is protected by Asahi Glass.

blackview tab 12

The back of the tablet is made from a unibody aluminium shell, which goes around the edges of the tablet. For the price, it is nice that it’s made with a metal material, although the corners can feel sharp at times, especially when handling the device.

Based on the overall layout, it’s pretty obvious that the tablet is meant to be held in landscape orientation. The left-hand side features a speaker grille, as well as the power and volume buttons. Meanwhile, the right side of the tablet houses the micro-SD and sim card tray, a USB-C charging port, a second speaker grille, as well as the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The speakers are decent, although don’t go in expecting the best sound quality from here. Comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, we can see that it has a similar overall size and shape, although the Galaxy Tab is a bit slimmer. It’s also relatively close in terms of width to the iPad 2021.

As we mentioned earlier, the display is an IPS panel with a standard 1200×1920 pixel resolution. While it doesn’t have any fancy OLED tech or high refresh rates, it is bright with some decent saturation, which is nice considering the relatively affordable price. It also features haptic feedback, which is something that you don’t see on a lot of tablets.


The Blackview Tab 12 runs on Android 11, which is pretty old at this point. It does have a mostly clean interface though, which incorporates a lot of standard Android UI elements, which looks a lot like what you’ll find on most Nokia and Motorola phones. On the other hand, there are a lot of pre-installed apps and games, although most of them can be uninstalled from the device. I would have preferred if the tablet didn’t have all these apps.

blackview tab 12

As for performance, the tablet comes with a UNISOC chipset. UNISOC chips are mostly found on a lot of budget Android devices like Nokia phones and tablets for example, and it’s not surprising that the Blackview Tab 12 comes with this configuration. Of course, for the low price there are some compromises, which include the low-end chipset. It’s definitely not for gaming, which you can see when you run games on it. I tried playing Grimvalor on the tablet, and it was obvious that there was a bit of lag in the animation, and levels loaded a bit longer. I think this tablet would be better-suited for casual use like web browsing, media streaming, or social media.

blackview tab 12

The 6,580 mAh battery should be enough for most tasks, and since you wont be running intense games on this tablet, it should be fine for casual users who are mostly looking for light usage.


The back of the tablet features a single 13-megapixel camera with an LED flash, which is not very impressive. It should do good in well-lit situations, but even then it struggles with dynamic range and contrast. The same goes for the 5-megapixel front camera, which would be better suited for video calls rather than selfies and social media posts.


For an affordable tablet, the Blackview Tab 12 does have some nice qualities to it, like a large and bright display, a metal unibody design, a large battery, as well as access to a ton of different Android apps. If you’re after an affordable device that’ll be used for casual web browsing, eBook reading, then this is something to check out.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the device comes with an older version of Android, a bit of bloatware, average cameras, as well as an entry-level chipset – the low price definitely has some compromises, so don’t expect powerful performance from the Tab 12.

Regardless, it is an affordable device, and if you’re not after anything too high-end, then do check this out. For more tech videos keep it here on geeky stuff, and don’t forget to check out our other content and website as well.

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