Bitwest Scam

If you hear or see anything regarding Bitwest Group Pro, it’s a scam! You might come across something called “Immediate Connect”, there are many suspicious websites with the name Immediate Connect and eventually you will be pushed through to sign-up to Bitwest Group Pro.

Immediate Connect claims to help you with your crypto trading journey. You are asked to enter your name, email address, phone number and within minutes you will be called back to sign-up to Bitwest Group Pro. There’s a good chance there might be another program they have created instead of Bitwest, but this is the program I am familiar with now.

bitwest group pro

My Sister Was A Victim

When my sister told me she was trailing something to make money, I was really curious as to what she was doing. She was being very coy about it but eventually told me it was about trading and that she was assigned an “advisor” for crypto trading. “ALARM BELLS RANG”

Once I was told she saw an article about Gino D’Acampo talking on “This Morning” about how he uses crypto I knew 100% this was a scam. That’s how lots of people have been drawn in, making people think celebrities are linked to this opportunity. Below is a snippet from a scam website called “Time Business News” about Gino talking about Crypto.

Have a long hard think about it – do you really think celebrities would be talking about Crypto opportunities live on This Morning?

this morning crypto

Immediate Connect Scam

The crypto advisor assigned to my sister called her and talked her through the steps. She was told to download an app called “Anydesk” which is a remote access app for Android and allowed connection to my sisters phone. Next step was the advisor talking her through the installation of Revolut and Binance app, remember this person could see everything that my sister was entering on the screen, including name, address and passwords created for the apps.

The £200 which she deposited could be seen but was unsuccessful in trying to get the money back. Avoid Bitwest & Immediate Connect at all costs! It’s a classic crypto scam!