Best IPTV Service 2022

To be the best IPTV provider, there are two important factors; and that’s uptime & buffering. I have been using this service for over 6 months now and there has been only one day where I could not get a stream for the football. When the football is on, it’s perfect, no buffering whatsoever! It is honestly the best IPTV provider I have ever used to date! 

The IPTV Service in question is NetFly TV

best iptv provider 2023

These are the typical prices you’ll expect to see on their website, they often have offers on too. So if you pay month by month it’s £11.99. I did this for the first 3 months just to make sure they’re good and then I jumped onto paying 3 monthly, which is about £30.

best iptv service

best iptv provider 2023

This is the NetFly TV Home page where it details what they have to offer. With over 88,921 channels & vods, 12,913 total channels, 64,793 movies and 11,215 series. You do get plenty of content to scan through. The streams are of great quality, offering 4K, HD & SD Streams, as some people may have poor internet connection, the SD channels would most probably work best for you. At home I get 900mb download over cable, or 500mb down over WiFi, so I stream my content on the 4K channels with no problem at all.

netfly tv

You will also notice that icon above which says “Anti-Buffer 2.0”, I don’t really understand the science behind that and if there is actually a process called that, but the service does offer very little buffering, which is why I think it’s the best IPTV service.

Optional addons for Netfly TV include “Proxy Protection” which will hide traffic from your ISP and protect your privacy, this is just an additional 74p a month on your subscription if you want it. Then if you’re a randy bugger, you can have the “Adult Channels” added for another 74p a month 🙂

best iptv provider 2023

Netfly TV Subscription & Configuration

Once you have bought a subscription you will see them listed in your dashboard like the picture below displays. You have the option to extend the service or view it.

best iptv provider

The view button opens up loads more settings and configurations. A really great setting is the “Change Country” setting. If you travel to a different country and try to use the service, it will not work unless you come here and change the country you are in. When I travelled to America, I had to change that setting here and it worked immediately.

The setting you will most probably need is the “Xtream Codes Login” and you can use that info to setup your IPTV service on an IPTV Player. Just copy the username, password and URL to the IPTV player app and that’s pretty much it. Netfly TV also offer M3U File URL, but as you can see, they don’t really recommend that way.

best iptv provider 2023

I use two IPTV players, one as a back up, because sometimes the IPTV players themselves can play up. I use IPTV Smarters Pro and Xtream IPTV players and they’re really good.

So if you’re looking for a reliable IPTV service then take a look at Netfly TV, as it’s been fantastic for me.