Audio Review: Bose Quiet Comfort 45!

When it comes to quality audio gear, Bose is probably one of the best-known companies in the industry. Today, we’re going to check out the Bose Quiet Comfort 45 wireless headphones for a quick review. These have been in the market for quite some time now, and we’re going to see what they offer in terms of sound quality.

They are priced at around £300 in the UK, and the headphones do come with some nice features. But in a market populated by a lot of terrific-sounding audio products from multiple brands like Sony, JBL, and more, are these headphones worth your cash? Let’s take a look!

Design and Fit

The Bose QC 45s feature a pretty standard design similar to most modern over-ear headphones, with a folding mechanism to make them easily portable. The earcups on the headphones are just the right size, in my opinion. They’re not too small to make wearing them uncomfortable, but not too large as to make them to unwieldy when in use.

In my experience, the headphones have a very comfortable fit, and are probably the best ones I’ve used in terms of comfort. Unlike other wireless headphones however, the QC 45s do not have a standard 3.5mm audio jack in case you want to plug them into your device’s headphone jack, but Bose does include a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable along with the pair.

Controls and Functions

Now as for controls, the Bose QC 45s come with a main action button on the left earcup, a multi-function button on the right cup, set between the volume buttons. The right cup also features a bluetooth and power switch. The action button lets you switch between noise cancelling modes (which we’ll talk about later), while the multi-function button can be used to play and pause music, as well as answer/end calls. Additionally, there’s a USB Type-C charging port for charging.

There’s also an official Bose Music App that you can download for your smartphone, and it will let you change the settings on the headphones, as well as configure the devices which are connected to the QC 45s at any given time.

Sound Quality + Usage

As for sound quality, the QC 45s do feature a “balanced” sound which makes for a great music-listening experience. I say “balanced” because while it does have a nice bass sound, it doesn’t particularly overpower the mids and highs. You can even say that other headphones offer a much more rich bass sound compared to the QC 45s. Thankfully though, a firmware update via the app added EQ controls for bass and treble adjustments, which means there’s a bit more flexibility when it comes to how you want your music to sound.

With that said, the headphones have excellent noise-cancelling, and I was able to enjoy my music and podcasts undisturbed by external sounds and noise. “Aware Mode” likewise gets the job done, and these modes are great features to have on the headphones.

As for battery life, the headphones can last up to 24 hours on a single charge, but this will of course vary based on your volume and noise-cancelling mode.


Alright so are the Bose QC 45s worth getting? Overall, the headphones offer a great fit, long battery life, great sound quality, and solid noise-cancelling capabilities. I think that for people looking for a well-rounded pair of headphones from a quality brand, then the QC 45s are definitely something to check out. 

However, they are a bit on the expensive side, and more affordable options like Anker’s Soundcore Life headphones also offer great sound quality and active noise cancelling, albeit with a difference in overall build quality and design.

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