Audio Review: 1More Comfobuds 2!

If you are looking for a super affordable pair of wireless earbuds from a well-known brand, then there’s a wide range of products out there – Anker’s Soundcore line of devices, Soundpeats, and even brands like JBL and Sony have gotten into the budget-friendly audio market.

There is, however, one brand that offers great value for not much coin. 1More’s Comfobuds series of wireless earbuds have been making their rounds on the market lately, and today we are going to check out the Comfobuds 2.

Are they good value-for-money earbuds? Let’s take a look!

Design and Set-Up

The Comfobuds 2 come in a rather compact charging case. The inside of the case features a pairing button, and on the front there is an LED charging indicator. The case also features a USB-C port for charging.

The earbuds themselves are pretty small, although they come with a stem design similar to the Apple Airpods. They respond to touch controls, which makes using them a lot more convenient. The eartips are pretty small, and they have a nice fit in my experience. The earbuds feature an IPX5 rating, which is common for a lot of wireless earbuds nowadays – this also means that they’ll be safe to use in light rain and workouts.

Holding down the pairing button on the case lets you sync the Comfobuds 2 with your smartphone, and once you’ve paired both devices together you’re pretty much good to go. You can also download the official 1More app from the Google playstore, which adds a bit of customization with regards to how you can use the earbuds. 

Sound Quality and Usage

In general, music sounds good on the Comfobuds 2. 1More has collaborated with Sonarworks to add a bit of customizability to how the Comfobuds 2 sound. Unfortunately, there is no SoundID compatibility on the earbuds unlike 1More’s other products, but we do get 12 different EQ profiles. This will be subjective for different listeners of course, but personally I have no complaints about the available sound profiles.

It’s worth noting though that there are moments when I am reminded that the Comfobuds 2 are an “affordable” pair. For example, while there is an option to improve the bass sound in the EQ profiles, the added bass boost still has a bit of catching up to do when compared to more expensive 1More earbuds like the Comfobuds Pro.

Other Features

One thing to consider is that while the earbuds lack ANC, there is a built-in dual-mic environmental noise-cancelling system for phone calls. Speaking of which, phone calls sound good on the earbuds, and I was able to use them for voice and video calls. 1More also says that the Comfobuds 2 have a wireless range of up to 10 meters.

As far as battery life is concerned, the earbuds can last for up to 6 hours of use, and you can top up the battery with the charging case for a total of 24 hours worth of use. There’s also quick charging so you don’t need to wait that long for the Comfobuds 2 to finish charging.

So Should You Get These?

For a price of around £59, the 1More Comfobuds 2 offer good battery life, a minimalist design, and a bit of water resistance. Given their affordable nature, the lack of ANC and Sonarworks SoundID is understandable, but for people looking for a pair of wireless earbuds “that just work” and get the job done, then the Comfobuds 2 are definitely a good consideration.

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