Apple AR/VR Headset: It won’t be long!

As we get further into 2022, it won’t be long until we start hearing about new Apple product releases. Two new Apple products that are hot topics right now, are Apple’s rumored VR Headset and AR Glasses. And according to a recent Front Page Tech video, Jon Prossor says that these products have been confirmed.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s glasses are still in the early stages of development, and it could still be some time before we see any kind of AR/VR headset. And while Apple’s VR glasses appear to be undeveloped (at least for now), Apple is also rumored to be releasing a “hybrid AR/VR” headset. There have been recent rumors that Apple may first release an expensive VR headset in 2022, and an AR headset, we think Apple Glasses will be available soon in 2023.

According to speculation, future Apple VR/AR headsets will be used to help app developers learn about AR ahead of the release of AR-focused Apple Glasses. Apple Glasses are rumored to be the next step in augmented reality with the release of the headwear. But right now, Apple’s AR-focused glasses do seem to remain a mystery as there have been few credible leaks or speculation about the product.

While Jon Prosser has revealed that Apple is working on a prototype pair of AR glasses, recent rumors suggest that an actual pair may be a long way from production.

We know that Sony unveiled a prototype of a high-power Micro OLED 8K headset for professional use, and it’s still possible the display technology will be so advanced that it could be ported to Apple Glasses. Regardless of the tech that Apple stuff into these new products though, there is growing interest in both AR and VR gadgets. A leaked Apple presentation suggests a release date of 2023. so if that date is correct, Apple may release something sooner than we think.

Rumors about the Apple glasses are still fairly scarce at the moment, unlike the Apple AR headset, which seems to be getting a lot of attention. However, some rumors have focused solely on the glasses, creating some confusion about Apple’s plans, but it looks like the headset will be the first product to be launched.

This is in line with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s previous report that Apple headphones will arrive in 2022, smart glasses around 2025, and augmented reality contact lenses later. The inclusion is contrary to the expectations of the often accurate Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Jon Prosser noted that Apple Glass fans might want to rekindle their excitement. As with any first-generation product, Apple’s first VR/AR products may not live up to our expectations.

One thing is for sure though…we’ll find out soon!