Apple Announces the iPhone SE 2022

After weeks of speculation among tech enthusiasts, Apple fans, and critics throughout the internet, Apple finally unveiled its latest iPhone SE 2022 edition in their March 2022 event, alongside other Apple products which included the new M1 Ultra chip and iPad Air. The “new” iPhone SE however feels more like a slight update of a device that foregoes the company’s current design language in lieu of an older external design.

This has undoubtedly sparked both praise and debates among consumers on social media, with some praising Apple for providing a low-cost alternative to its usual slew of phones, while others have pointed out the unnecessary recycling of a hardware design that’s more than half a decade old. but what exactly do you get with the iPhone SE 2022? let’s take a look.

Design and Display

Perhaps the most obvious hardware element of the iPhone SE 2022 is the design. it’s got large bezels on the front, with a metal frame wrapped around the glass back. Apple has used the same design since the iPhone 7/8, and it’s rather obvious that they’re keen on keeping this hardware look for their low-end offerings. Apple highlighted the older design in their presentation, referring to the style as a “classic” look of sorts.

Of course, the headphone jack is still absent, and we’re still stuck with a lightning port for data transfers and charging. Fans of Touch ID are in for a treat though as Apple have retained its biometric feature on the phone, touting it as one of the key features of the device during their presentation. The SE does have IP67 rating for dust and water protection, so light rain and a couple of splashes won’t necessarily be a problem when handling the phone.

When it comes to display, the SE 2022 still has a 4.7-inch, 750×1334 resolution IPS display. Don’t expect any 120hz refresh rate on here however, as the company saves it for its higher-end phone models like the iPhone 13 Pro. Apple says the glass panel on the screen is made from a strengthened material, but we’ll have to see how it fares when the product makes its way into the hands of consumers.

Internal Specs

It should be obvious right away that the iPhone SE isn’t targeted for high-end power users, or people looking for a fast gaming phone. it’s clearly a “budget” iPhone so to speak, although there are some pretty interesting spec bumps from Apple.

On the inside, Apple did give the SE 2022 a big boost by adding their latest A15 Bionic chip, partnered with 4GB of RAM to keep the phone up and running. You can get the phone in different storage variants such as 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, although the RAM remains unchanged. Apple says that this new boost in processing power puts the SE at an advantage compared to other smartphone competitors, which we will of course have to see in the long run. The SE 2022 also features 5G connectivity, which is a nice addition in terms of modern connectivity features.

Now it is of course going to be compatible with the latest iOS 15 operating system, which should be interesting given the miniscule display and slightly different UI layout of the device.

The company however has not disclosed the actual battery capacity of this device, only stating that it can last longer compared to the older SE model from 2020, with support for both fast-charging and wireless charging. Although given the somewhat average battery performance from the older iPhone SE, one can’t help but wonder how much the performance of the A15 Bionic chip is going to affect the battery on this phone, coupled with faster 5G connectivity on a day-to-day basis.


Unlike every other smartphone these days that comes with a set of at least two or three cameras, the SE keeps its imaging capabilities simple with a single 12-megapixel camera at the back that can record 4k video up to 60fps, and a single 7-megapixel front facing camera that caps out at 1080p video recording. Apple says that the A15 Bionic will enable the SE to take great shots with features like Smart HDR 4, Photographic Styles, Deep Fusion, and Portrait Mode, among others. However, people looking for telephoto and ultrawide lenses will definitely want to go for something else if mobile photography is something that they prioritize in a smartphone.

On the other hand, if you’re perfectly happy with a more basic smartphone camera setup, or maybe you don’t really use your phone to regularly take photos and videos, then the camera setup on the SE won’t be much of an issue for you.

How Much Does it Cost?

Finally, the iPhone SE 2022 will come in priced at $429, which is only a bit lower than the iPhone 11, which is priced at $499. In comparison, we should take note that the older iPhone 11 comes equipped with dual cameras, a full-screen display, and a more recent Apple hardware design, despite running on a slightly older chipset.

Now whether or not you should get it is entirely dependent upon your needs. After all, we should use a smartphone that gives us the best user experience, regardless of specs or processing power. however at that price, the iPhone SE 2022 will take some consideration, especially since it sits between the iPhone 11 and 2020’s iPhone SE, which in terms of specs and design isn’t too far behind. Again though, this is a phone that is targeted at a crowd that isn’t after high-end specs, but rather something familiar and functional that will get them through the day without much fuss and complications.

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