5 Great Metroidvania Games for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is home to many awesome first-party games from franchises like Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon, as well as third-party games and ports from other studios. With that said, there’s no shortage of genres that are available on the system, and everything from fighting games, action-adventure titles, as well as RPGs are available on the Switch.

With that said, one popular category among dedicated gamers and hardcore gameplay enthusiasts are “Metroidvania” games. Simply put, these are games that take elements from Nintendo’s popular “Metroid” series and Konami’s famous “Castlevania” franchise and combine them into a tried-and-tested formula, making for challenging and entertaining gaming experiences.

Oftentimes, these games feature side-scrolling movement, a character levelling system, customizable equipment, and unlockable areas. As such, we’ve put together a quick little list of must-try Metroidvania titles for your Nintendo Switch – let’s get started!

Metroid Dread

We want to start off this list strong, so first up is Nintendo’s very own Metroid Dread. The first Metroid title to be released since 2017’s “Samus Returns” on the Nintendo 3DS, Metroid Dread takes fans back to a pure side-scrolling experience, combining traditional Metroid elements with modern quality-of-life improvements to controls, gameplay, and in-game progression (there’s even a “rookie” mode for newcomers to the franchise).

The game features great-looking graphics, and solid gameplay which should be a treat for Metroid veterans, and gamers who want to get into the franchise.

Castlevania Advance Collection

While the Castlevania series has previously made its way to the Switch via the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, the older “retro” ‘Vania games don’t really fall under the “Metroidvania” category as they feature some significant differences in gameplay and in-game progression.

With the Castlevania Advance Collection, however, Konami has included what could be described as some of the best “modern” Castlevania games, which feature signature gameplay mechanics brought over from “Symphony of the Night,” which is arguably one of the best Metroidvania titles of all time.

Dead Cells

A newer title, Dead Cells combines side-scrolling hack and slash gameplay with action-platforming and rogue-lite elements. It’s a fast-paced game, and it’s made its way to multiple platforms in addition to an impressive port on the Nintendo Switch.

Throughout the game, you’ll gain more abilities and weapons to power-up your character – but that’s not all. The game encourages you to get through all the levels in one sitting, which admittedly is easier said than done. Worry not though, as each time you die, you’ll get access to more powerful abilities and upgrades.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Another solid title from Koji Igarashi – the mind behind Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night places you in the shoes of Miriam, who must learn how to hone her powers as she takes on evil forces set to lay waste on humanity.

Bloodstained should feel familiar to Castlevania fans, and a lot of gameplay mechanics in the game are definite call-backs to Konami’s vampire-slaying franchise. That’s not to say that it lacks its own identity, however. Bloodstained takes what made previous Castlevania games great and mixes them into its own formula, and gets a lot of things right in the process.


Originally released for mobile devices, Grimvalor is another side-scrolling hack-and-slash title which adds on the Metroidvania influences with elements from games like Dark Souls. The game puts you up against hordes of enemies, insanely powerful bosses, and likewise includes a character-progression system which enables you to increase your skills, and gain access to more powerful weapons.

If you’re after a game with a considerable difficulty, then Grimvalor is definitely worth checking out.

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